Beat Light Effect

So,  here's something I initially did first in my seventh standard. 
What I did back then was set up LED's in parallel and it would blink based on the sound.

Now I dont have a video of what I had done back then, but here's something I did at a bigger scale.
I used an LED strip, connected it in parallel with the subwoofer of my sound system. 
Okay, things didnt work out as planned. Only the first LED blinked. The rest of the strip didn't even turn on. 

To fix that, I removed the tiny resistors on the LED Strip and soldered the two terminals together.
Now, the LED strip needs 12V to run. Pretty sure the Woofer wasn't giving enough voltage/current to power on the whole strip. So, I managed to reduce the working voltage of the LED strip using that.

Edit: Re-uploaded videos on youtube hence the time stamp will show as 2016.

Here are multiple ways I implemented the beat light effect in my room. 



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