Jio Internet Balance Scraper

One fine day, I was decided. I had ENOUGH. Enough means enough of firing up the app and waiting it to login and go into a few menus to finally get what I was looking for.
I'm talking about my daily internet balance.

I was so fed up of the shit app, and I didn't have the patience to see slow loading screens either.  Solution to this laziness? Well, I thought of building a webscraper that runs as a service in the backend. Only problem.
Its not public!
You gotta enter the email, password, click login,  open a div and thats when you finally get the text to scrape.

So how did I manage to get past these hurdles?

I used selenium to automate the process of login and scraped the page after that.

Here's a video demo of what it looks like:

Link in case the embedded player doesn't work.

As always, the code is open source, available at the following link:

I'll leave this token of laziness with something someone great once said :P

Hire me Microsoft! 😆 😆
I sincerely vow to be lazy today and forever after. 


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